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Rotary Disc Valve

Rotary Disc Valve


Standard:VerSpec Factory Standard

Size:DN150(6”) - DN300(12”)


Estimate Delivery:35 days

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Product Detailed

Pneumatic Actuator Rotary Disc Valve with Exhaust Function
Body material: ASTM A216 WCB
Disc material: ASTM A216 WCB+Chrome Plating (Ceramic Seat also is available)
Seat: 13Cr + HF of Alloy (Ceramic Seat also is available)
Size Range: DN150(6”) - DN300(12”)
Design & Manufacturing: VerSpec Factory Standard
All Dimension can be customized.

VerSpec is one unique factory who has complete ceramic production line from powder raw material to finished ceramic parts. Our quality concept is good quality ceramic valves from good quality ceramic raw materials. VerSpec ceramic valve production process

VerSpec CAFV series Rotary disc ash outlet valve mainly is used for coal-fired plant fly ash conveying system, also can be used for powder conveying system such as cement, melting and chemical-industry.

Design Features
1-Up and down flange are in difference connection dimension to match with ash hopper and conveying pipeline.
2-Hardening treatment for disc and seat to keep sealing set in great abrasion-resistant performance.
3-If customer need, VerSpec can customize ceramic seat and disc for some severe service applications.

Rotary Disc Valve Manufacturer China

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