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What are the good tastes of pinch valves?

Verspec Valve 1161


VPIV-44F135 Series Sleeve type Pinch Valve

Design & Manufacturing: ASME B16.34

Body: Aluminum alloy, Cast Iron

Sleeve Material: Natural rubber, EPDM, Vinatex High Performance Wear-resistant Rubber. face to face dimension can be customized. 

Connection: RF Flange Connection(Drilling acc to ASME B16.5 or customer's request.)

Why Choose VerSpec Pinch Valves ?
1- Natural rubber outer layer keeps sleeve protected under environmental erosion.

2- Tyre Fabrics mid-layer keeps whole sleeve more stronger using even under high pressure process.

3- SuWePro® medium contact layer keeps sleeve in super wear proof performance, extend it’s life 3 times more than common material rubber sleeve.

4- 20mm superior thickness rubber sleeve to optimize wear life.

5- Integral elastomer molded flange

6- Bi-directional Drop-tight shutoff

7- Self-cleaning by full flow bore design.

8- Excellent throttling performance when automatic actuated.

9- Easy replacement.


Company Profile

2005——Start to produce ceramic lined valve series.

2006——Start to produce rubber seat dome valve, knife gate valve and pinch valves.

2010——Joint venture start to produce Teflon plastic lined valve series.

2016——VerSpec US warehouse operated in Akensas.

2018——VerSpec Korea branch operated in Cheonnam.

2019——VerSpec India and VerSpec Mexico start operating.

Tel: +86-577-57666870  

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