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Lined Gate Valve

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the world's petrochemical industry has gradually shifted to China. China has become the world's largest producer of petrochemical products. Crude oil processing capacity and ethylene production capacity now rank second and third in the world, and are still increasing. However, my country's petrochemical equipment has long relied on imports, and some special valves for important processes are also imported. This is extremely disproportionate to the status of a major petrochemical industry, and does not conform to my country's national policy of building a conservation-oriented society.

Because some media in the petrochemical industry are extremely corrosive, ordinary carbon steel valves will be corroded quickly, even stainless steel valves will be corroded. Later, people invented Hastelloy, Monel, and No. 20 alloy to solve the problem of special pipeline transportation in petrochemical industry. Because these alloys contain a lot of precious metals such as Ni, Cr, Nb, Ti, Cu, Pt, and limited resources, Affected the development of the petrochemical industry, so seeking a valve with superior performance, appropriate price, and low production cost is the goal pursued by scientific and technical personnel in all countries.

Company Profile      

2005——Start to produce ceramic lined valve series.

2006——Start to produce rubber seat dome valve, knife gate valve and pinch valves.

2010——Joint venture start to produce Teflon plastic lined valve series.

2016——VerSpec US warehouse operated in Akensas.

2018——VerSpec Korea branch operated in Cheonnam.

2019——VerSpec India and VerSpec Mexico start operating.

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