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What is a pinch valve

Verspec Valve 969

Pinch valve is also called pinch valve, pressure pipe valve, casing valve, pinch valve, etc. in China. Use pneumatic, electric, manual or hydraulic driving methods to squeeze the casing to achieve the switch/adjustment. The casing (hose) is the most important part of the pinch valve. It provides corrosion resistance, wear resistance and pressure resistance. In addition, electromagnetic The pros and cons of internal parts such as coils, armatures, and springs also affect the life of the valve.


The solenoid pinch valve (referred to as the pinch valve) is driven by an electromagnetic solenoid, which controls on-off by squeezing or loosening the hose. The medium only passes through the hose, and other parts of the valve body are not in contact with the medium. This means that compared with other types of solenoid valves, the pinch valve can carry particles with medium without clogging.


1. The voltage range is the widest among imported products, and the allowable fluctuation range is ±5%.
2. It has a wide range of applications and can be applied to most microfluidic fields.
3. Low power consumption and good heat dissipation efficiency.
4. Dedicated matching hose to ensure the best rebound life.
5. Product performance and quality are stable.
6. Maintenance only needs to replace the pipe fittings, which is relatively economical.

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