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Rotary valve working principle and brief description.

Verspec Valve 1382

The Rotary Disc Valve is commonly known as star feeder, rotary valve, fan shutoff, air lock, rotary feeder, etc. It is composed of a rotor with several blades, a shell, a seal, a motor, and a reducer. When the rotor rotates in the cylindrical casing, the materials falling from the upper hopper by its own weight are packed in the spaces between the blades, and discharged to the lower part as the rotor rotates, and then complete uniform and continuous transportation of materials.

The Rotary Disc Valve is the key equipment in the pneumatic conveying system. Regarding the positive pressure conveying system or the negative pressure conveying system, the Rotary Disc Valve can evenly and successively supply the material to the conveying pipe. The Rotary Disc Valve is very suitable for the positive and negative pressure pneumatic conveying system, pulse dust removal equipment And fine feeding and other occasions. The Rotary Disc Valve has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful shape, good air-locking performance, stable work, uniform blanking, light and energy-saving, etc., which can play the role of feeding and locking the airflow, because the low-speed rotation of the rotor and the internal cavity of the rotor and the shell The extremely small gap effectively prevents the reverse flow of the airflow, and then ensures the stability of the air pressure in the system and the normal discharge of materials.

According to the characteristics, use and use conditions of the materials, the rotary valve has a variety of structural types, and its selection depends on the characteristics of the materials to be transported, such as particle size, adhesion, temperature, humidity, etc.

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